About Us

About Us

We, Biomass Energeons India, have gained eminence in our sector as a licensed and well renowned manufacturer and exporter of domestic fuels. Our offerings include Pellet Burner, Pellet Stove, Wood Pellets, Briquette Stove, Wood Briquettes, Biomass Pellets and others. Our excellence in offering quality rich Pellets and Briquettes have catapulted us among industry leading names engaged in offering domestic fuels. We engage in supplying Briquetting solutions of various types to many prominent Industrial and Private Consumers today.

We have with us a seasoned team of experienced engineers and supervisors that works hard to maintain perfection at every stage of product development and quality control. Their unique expertise allows us to tackle bottlenecks and bring significant improvements in the overall efficiency of our plant.

Keeping stride with our company's policy, we make it our goal to attain customer satisfaction at all cost via innovation, quality, time bound delivery and an economical pricing policy.


  • Biomass briquettes have many uses with the most prominent being their large scale use in manufacturing plants as a solid fuel, especially in oven, heater, boiler, gasifier unit, furnace, etc.
  • The briquettes feature easy to burn characteristics as these have a lower ignition temperature as opposed to other similar fuels.
  • With their efficient and excellent combustion rate, they lead to smokeless burning and sustained combustion.
  • They do not lead to production of fixed carbon when burnt. The only residue left is white ash.
  • They are environmentally friendly and does not produce toxic gases or give rise to sulphur emission. They does not even produce any offensive odour.
  • They lead to maximum utilization of heat value.
  • They assure better boiler efficiency.
  • No chemicals are employed under any situation.
  • Great for use in gasifier which can operate any engine, thanks to combustion efficiency along with their solid form.
  • Their use leads to no corrosion effect on boiler equipment, which also results in low maintenance requirement.
  • Those who use coal briquettes become automatically eligible for carbon credits.


  • Helps in maintaining a clean and green environment.
  • Pollution free as it does not emit any black smoke (no production of sulfur or any hazardous material).
  • Money and energy saved on growing trees with proper efforts channelized towards not felling or cutting trees.
  • Helps regulate and keep a check on various ecological disasters that stem from deforestation.
  • Unlike conventional fuels, it does not pollute the atmosphere.
  • Conventional resources like coal are not unduly utilized but kept safe for use by future generations.
  • Money unnecessarily shelled out on forestation programs can be minimized, plus additional land can be forested.
  • Any form of agro waste is utilized to the maximum, which helps agriculturists generate income from their agro-waste, making farming lucrative and remunerative and bringing a drastic improvement in the standard of living of such agriculturists.

Why Our Offerings?

All customers we have gained till date have observed our honesty and dedication in the business and ignored the fact that we are new in the industry. The reason behind this is the performance of our offerings which pleased them .The boilers and burners be offer are manufactured using using high quality raw material which increase its efficiency and durability. On the other hand, the domestic fuels we offer are pure and free from adulterants. In addition to this, these are dry and do not have moisture which would ruin their performance.

Our Team-Our Strength

We believe in team work. The efficient the team, the better is the outcome. We have successfully gathered a group of hardworking people from different backgrounds, who have similar beliefs regarding the future of the company. Comfort of an employee is as important as the satisfaction of a customer, as the employee's work is what makes us thrive in the industry. We have maintained an environment of a positive and healthy surrounding for our employees. In the order to keep our employees motivated and to enhance their performance, our company regularly organizes fun workshops and training sessions. The employees of our company are divided in several teams such as:

  • Procurement Team
  • Manufacturing Team
  • R&D Team
  • Packaging Team
  • Delivery Team
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Contact Us

10-F-14, PARIJAT COLONY, Kota, Rajasthan, Kota, Rajasthan, 324005, India
Phone :08045475172